A Short Note On The Life Threatening Disease Of Man

It is often said that a healthy life style until your time on earth is a form of boon and blessing from the heaven. But for such a salubrious life, one has to work hard. Often people neglect to take care of their body and this most obviously leads to excessive weight that is the root cause for all problems that makes them excessively susceptible to some of the life threatening conditions. According to the statistics provided by WHO in 2002, nearly 16.7 million people accounting for 30% of the mortality worldwide have suffered from cardiovascular disease. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), one such form of cardiovascular disease is caused by excessive accumulation of HDL in the blood and inside the walls of the arteries that carry the oxygenated blood from the heart to the other parts of the body. This exposes the individual to hypertension. When the blockade in the artery exceeds by 80-90%, it leads to heart attack. A person who is sick at heart will have to take medications throughout his lifetime to keep the ailment at check and to prevent further progression. Some of them might even require surgeries to treat these severe conditions of heart ailments.

Symptoms and preventive measures of CHD

The most prominent symptoms of CHD is chest pain in the left chest that further spreads to the neck, back, right chest and heartburn. The main factors that lead to CHD are smoking, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, stress and lack of physical activity. These factors can be prevented by just maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity; no smoking; controlling hypertension and excessive weight; and following a healthy diet. But some people are incessantly prone to CHD due to genetic factors, age and ethnicity. Men are more prone to the disease than women. One has to note here that an active lifestyle is the only solution to all the health problems suffered by humans all over the world. Hence do regular exercises and maintain a healthy diet to have that coveted stress free existence.