Elements Of A Research Paper

The term research enjoys many synonyms such as to enquire, explore or investigate. Now what is a research paper? The culmination of a student life, be it college or university. The final grades are usually contingent on the quality of research work submitted for evaluation. There is usually a presentation followed by a defence, which involves professors both internal and sometimes external who question you to evaluate your subject knowledge on the paper you have authored.

Embarking On The Journey

The journey is a long arduous one. While some students enjoy research work, it cannot be said of everyone. Some students can get overwhelmed and anxious because of their aversion to exploration or lack of understanding on how to approach it.

First of all, the key is to read as much as you can in your field of interest. Reading improves your thought process, enhances creativity and helps in analysis. As you read across broad subjects, you will get a sense of the information out there. Write notes as you read them, so you can refer to it at a later date. Once you have arrived at a broad category, break it up into smaller modules. Keep drilling down until you are able to bring it to a narrow focus.

Reorganise the idea to form a central thread of your work. In other words, this is known as your thesis statement or the central notion which binds your paper together. Remember the idea of research is to explore various perspectives on the subject and bring it all together by offering your own unique interpretation. You can challenge popularly held impressions by backing it up with well-defined information that moves from setting the context, then elaborating on the focus area through arguments and statistics, rounding it up with a strong conclusion that ties all the discussions together.

Since this is an original piece of work, be transparent in verifying your sources to ensure they are authentic and cite it in your paper. Otherwise, it can be considered an act of plagiarism and you can lose all your hard work.