Regional awarded $2.11 million in funding cooperative education

A regional cooperative education provided, the school system of Butts County and two other nearby systems has received money to seven digits push Fachhochschule System of Georgia. The Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle said Thursday that the panel of the Griffin area and professional academy, a partnership between the pistons, pike and Spalding County school systems and Southern Technical College Crescent, $ 2.11 million will be obtained from the funding. The Academy was chosen from among four projects by the Board System State Technical College of Georgia, received such a grant, which will be matched with local funding.

I greet the donkey, pike and Spalding County School System, technical college Crescent South, business leaders in the region, and the many community partners who met this important tool to ensure that our students ready for the workforce of the 21st century can provide detailed, “Cagle said in a statement.

As Georgia continues to provide students with innovative and alternative learning opportunities, I am proud of Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, the college and career academies Griffin area are a reality, “Sen Burt Jones condition, R-Jackson added. “The between local school systems, legislators and interested stakeholders work is to be commended. I look forward to only the students valuable skills that prepare them to develop the employee provide education and future of quality. ”

The regional academy, Butts County Superintendent of Schools Robert “Buddy” Costley said that Jackson Progress-Argus in November, students will benefit in Butts County, Spalding and pike. By pooling resources, the three counties capable of university courses, such as computer programming or soldering, which otherwise would not be available in the neighborhood of the house of the student offer.

The academy is also the visibility field and in respect of the creation of businesses, by Costley by another qualified staff in the three counties. The grant $ 2,110,000 below the maximum amount of approximately $ 3,000,000, which was awarded to the Academy. However, Costley said the amount of the prize discontinue or change the time for the opening of the planning process.

Even if it’s a small amount, it is a great thing for the Butts County and our students, “he said.” I talked to [Griffin-Spalding Superintendent] Curtis Jones, and it feels like we lack a beat. ”

Costley said the FH system can still the deputy governor of the receipt for the additional resources office. Regardless of Costley said that those behind the Academy “delighted to learn that. Trust in our plan”

The college area and Griffin academy career is on the way, in 2016 to open, Costley said last month.