Elections, vocational colleges and project bonds

The next Board of Education Lincoln race just got more interesting, but there is plenty of room for more excitement. Two candidates have announced they are running for the District 2 seat by Richard Meginnis clear: Connie Duncan, longtime Lincoln Public Schools lawyer who chaired all the latest Bond campaign and Rachel Terry, a recruit who mobilized against gender identity products used in a teacher training session.

Terry, who writes a blog has created a home program and is part of a new group of parents committed to greater transparency in the LPS. She said she decided to run in part because she thinks that voters should have the choice. This is the same point longtime board member Ed bedroom when he announced in June that he did not run for re-election. Five months later? Still no takers in the room District. House, 62, was appointed to the Board in 1996, decided in 1997 to complete the term and re-elected for four terms. He only twice against the challenger.

In 2013, three full school board and a first-year student ran unopposed. In 2011, Zimmer was the only race of the Board to three of the school, which was unanimous. Rooms, the irregular shape of District 4, which takes place from 27th to 40th streets along Randolph Street to the south and extends to Kooser reason to 14th Street and Alvo Road in the north. It includes parts of the Woods Park, Collaborator, Hartley, Clinton, East Campus, Belmont and Bicentennial Estates neighborhoods.

And still be considered a race: District 6 McLeese Katie Stephenson’s re-election. It is not known if they are executed. Even the official candidates must submit to the Election Commission of the County of Lancaster. But there is still time. The deadline for non-incumbent is March 2 holders have 17 rooms, historic preservation planner to submit the city in February, is good for limericks and poems he has written for the pension records managers and members Board of known outgoing administration.
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