Temporary Portable Road Surfaces

Portable Road Surfaces – Providing Safe, Temporary Access to Difficult Sites

If you’re holding a public event or starting work on a new construction site, the chances are that access to the location will be less than ideal. Dirt tracks or grassy fields might be fine in dry weather, but at the first sight of rain they will quickly become a quagmire, a muddy trap waiting to claim your vehicles. For a public event this can put the whole enterprise in jeopardy if staging and public address systems can’t be set up, while on a construction site any time spent with tools down is time and money wasted.


Temporary Roadways Provide a Solution

When you need reliable temporary access to a site in all weather conditions, then portable road surfaces are the cost effective and efficient answer. They provide a solid surface for vehicles to grip, allowing speedy and efficient access to vital areas of the site, while protecting the underlying surface from damage. They are durable and easy to fit, and despite their ‘temporary’ name they can be left in place for months on end if required.

Modern temporary roadways come as interlocking modules that require no special tools to connect, and can be laid out in any configuration to provide a roadway to any part of the site, a stable surface for temporary buildings, or simply a safe parking space for vehicles when they’re not in use. They are available in heavy duty plastic or metal, and can cope with loads of up to 70 tonnes or more.

What Uses Are They Suitable For?

Construction sites requiring access for heavy plant and vehicles can benefit from temporary roadways until more permanent routes can be built, allowing full access to the site at all times and in all conditions.

For public events such as open air concerts, temporary roads are vital. Not only do they allow the necessary equipment and concessions to get to where they need to be if the event is to go ahead, they will ease the flow of visitor traffic in and out of the parking areas – it only takes one stuck car to form a bottleneck and chaos can quickly descend. Temporary surfaces also provide a safe way for pedestrians to move around the event site, which is an important consideration in these days of health and safety concerns.


Where To Get Temporary Portable Roads

For one off events, there are many companies who will hire out the road surface modules. They will also be a valuable source of advice on what kind of surface will be most suitable, and how much of it you will need to cope with the event you have planned. For recurring events, it might make more sense to purchase outright – the ease and speed with which temporary roadways can be put together and disassembled means that they can quickly transform access to a venue whenever an event is being staged. The modules are fully reusable, and can be stored compactly when not in use.

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Whatever the event or site you’re working on, if you need vehicle access over even the most unhelpful ground, then a temporary portable road surface is the solution to your problem.