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Benefits of Implementing Both a PPC Campaign and Solid SEO Efforts

Many times when meeting with clients, they do not now the difference between paid search and organic search, or PPC and SEO (Houston SEO). Our goal as a company is to get a clients website to rank organically since it is the most beneficial to the client. Often times, we suplement the organic listings with paid search campaigns to enhance the overall results. In addition, there are benefits of showing up on both organic and paid listings to greatly increase your internet marketing presence.

What are organic search engine optimization?

Organic search engine rankings are the search results that do not require a pay per click account. Organic search results are a result of the ranking criteria set by search engines. This algorithm set by search engines attempt to deliver the most relevant search results to the searcher. The science of attempting to have your website rank high in search engines when targeted keywords are searched for is called search engine optimization.

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per clicks ads are the “sponsored ads” that appear at te top and right side of search engines. These paid advertisement placements are auctioned off to advertisers that are willing to pay for each website visitor that clicks the ad that leads to the advertisers website. The bidding process will determine where the ad appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher the bid and more relevant the ad is to the content page the prospective customer lands on determines the order in which the ad appears from the top ads above the search results down to the column on the right side.

So where organic listings appear as a result of an algorithm and a set of rules devised by the search engine to find the most relevant results on the web (aided by search engine optimization efforts) paid per click listings appear as a result of paid advertising efforts.

Benefits of SEO

Truly the main benefit of search engine optimization (SEO is that the listing is free. Well free based on the idea that if you do your own seo and not hire a professional internet marketer. The key is to establish a long term campaign that will sustain your top rankings, and continually improve your overall SEO positioning.

Benefits of PPC

The main benefit of PPC is that it delivers immediate traffic. Your creativity in creating ad copy and landing page put you in control of your conversions. You can create, edit and add to your ad copy relativetly easily and quickly to constantly tweak your PPC results.

Benefits of Combining PPC with SEO

This is like a one-two punch for increasing your internet marketing and overall web predssence. Both techniques have their advantages but when done together and can be a crucial step in achieving your online goals. Here are some benefits of using pay per click with a solid search engine optimization campaign:

  • PPC will identify your ad copy that convers the best. You can split-test your landing pages and with SEO you can also benefit as well.
  • Targeted landing pages with a clear call-to-action can lead to higher revenues
  • Keyword research will help you with identifying the most searched terms used by your prospective customers. Your keyword research will assist you in creating more relevant content for search engine optimization and better target your paid search efforts.
  • Using both will help you push down your competition in SERPs. Having both organic and paid listings will give you more exposure and overwhelm your competitors.

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